Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Q: How to use this website?

A: For unregistered users, you can browse, post in forum as anonymous. If you want receive our regular messages from us, please register your email at Register for News !

For registered user, you can do extra. After signing in, you will be able to sign up our activities via the user menu at the right side menu. Also, you may change your password or registered email through the same menu.

For the President, once sign in, the president can submit articles. After typing in an article, you have 3 options to publish it. First, to publish it online, you choose CAWM from the Section dropdown menu, and then choose Public_News for the category. Second, to publish as well as email it to users in the mailing list, you choose CAWM, and choose Public_News_n_Mail. Third, only to email the article to users in the mailing list, you choose CAWM and Mailing_List. After you make above choices, click Save to finish.

More questions, please contact us.


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