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Chinese Village, LLC

Chinese Village, LLC, established as non- profit organization, was created to offer Mandarin language classes and to share Chinese culture heritage for families in West Michigan. It appeals primarily to those families where fluent mandarin is not spoken in the home.

This organization was established to provide a multifaceted approach to culture and language learning for children and adults. Currently, programs include Chinese village Preschool, school-age, and adult weekly culture and language classes, children dance class, Taiji Quan class, and a summer weekend family culture and language camp. Adult services include educational programs regarding Chinese culture (such as Feng Shui, Tai Ji, Chinese herbs/medicines, calligraphy and games), book reading/discussion group, and translation services.

For detail information please check website or contact Lily An, Chinese Village director at 1-888-255-0236.



Asian Delight Marketplace

4463 Breton Road , Kentwood , MI 4908
Phone number:

Thanks Asian Delight for donating $150 towards the Red Packet program of Chinese New Year Celebration event!

We carry a wide variety of Asian Groceries from: Mainland China , Taiwan , Hong Kong , Japan , Korea , India , Philippines , Thailand , and Vietnam .

Grocery items include: fresh produce, rice, noodles, refrigerated foods, sauces, oils, spices, frozen meats and seafood, tea, soft drinks, snacks, cookies, candies, cookware, cookbooks, Chinese handicrafts, and much more!

We are located in the Strip Mall behind National City Bank at the SW Corner of 44th Street and Breton Road , between Horrocks and Family Dollar. Our 5000-foot store offers a fresh, friendly and clean shopping environment for Asian groceries at reasonable prices. We look forward to seeing you soon!




Sunrise Family Restaurant

401 28th Street, Wyoming, MI  49503
Phone number:

Business Hours:
M-Sat.:   6am-8:30pm
Sunday:   8am-3pm

15 years of ongoing business!!!!

We served International cuisines such as American, Greek, Italian and Chinese cuisines. We served Breakfast (all day), Lunch, Dinner (Chinese begins at 4pm daily) and we also have our daily specials.  We also served six different types of soups daily.

People love coming to our privately own restaurant, because they know we can satisfied their cravings here, due to the large varieties we have in our menu. Service is friendly and most importantly we have great prices.



Bilingual Realtor Ying Xu

Offi ce: 616-949-8900
Direct Line: 616-974-4102
Cellular: 616-560-8790
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Clients Today, Friends Tomorrow

Thanks Ying Xu for donating $100 to CAWM!
  • With 12 years of professional experience and multiple honors and awards, such as “Million Dollar Club” and “Realtor of the Month”
  • College degree in business and rich experience in business negotiation
  • Fluent in both Chinese and English languages
  • Deep understanding of both Chinese and American cultures and societies gained from growing up in China and 19 years of life experience in America
  • Familiarity of the region and school districts comparable to the familiarity of her own palm and fingers
  • Sincere and responsible attitude toward business, whole-hearted and comprehensive professional service
  • Devoted to the best interest of the clients



Financial Adviser Cindy He

Eagle Strategies Corp.
A Registered Investment Adviser
Cell: 616-970-0097

Thanks Cindy He for donating $100 to CAWM!
  • Personal & Business Financial Planning
  • Estate & Charitable Planning
  • Cash Flow & Tax Planning
  • Retirement & Education Funding
  • Investment Advisory Service
  • Complimentary Initial Consultation



Glaucoma Eye Center & Angels’ Optical

Main office:
2727 East Beltline, NE; Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Phone number: 616-361-9205

For Friday afternoon
3100 Wilson Ave in Grandville
Phone number: 616-361-9205

Thanks Danny Wang of Glaucoma Eye Center for donating $300 for supporting 2006 Chinese New Year Celebration event!

Glaucoma Eye Center and Angels’ Optical provide comprehensive eye care in Grand Rapids area. The services include complete eye exam, cataract evaluation and surgery, glaucoma evaluation and surgery, diabetic eye evaluation, eyelids evaluation and treatment, prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses, Designer’s sunglasses etc. Director Danny Wang, MD specializes in glaucoma. The office provides most up to date knowledge, exam and treatment related to the eye.

Direction: We are on the West side of East Beltline . 1 st two floor building south of 3-mile road. Danny Wang, MD & Associates, Angels’ Optical will be on 1 st floor.



Dr. Zhou, Dipl. Acupuncturist, OMD

Dr. Zhiqun Zhou, graduated from Shanghai Second Medical University on 1975, educated in both western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Zhou awarded “Marie Curie” bursary by Commission of the European Communities and completed her postdoctoral fellowship in University of Liverpool , School of Medicine on 1994. She is board-certified acupuncturist and has been practicing TCM in Wege since Nov 1999.

Dr. Zhiqun Zhou has had considerable success since she started practicing in west Michigan area. She helped people with all kinds of ailment, which including asthma, cold or flu, migraine, headaches, insomnia, bell’s palsy, pain management, menstruation problems, premenopause syndrome, multiple sclerosis, mental-emotional problem, post stroke syndrome, gastro-intestinal disorder, hearing loss, drug or food addiction, smoke secession and so on. Dr. Zhou has been performed acupuncture anesthesia for spinal fusion and mammectomy, which greatly reduced the side effect from conventional anesthesia agents. Dr. zhou helped dozens of couples had their babies by TCM or in conjunction with IVF procedure. She attended International Congress on Traditional Medicine on April 2000, and presented her paper in the meeting.



GPC Computers

2240 28th Street SE, Grand Rapids , MI 49508
Phone number: 452-8948

Thanks Grand Rapids PC for donating $200 to CAWM!

GPC carries most complete lines of computers parts (over 1,200 types) and offer s fastest system turnover rate (1-3 days) in Grand Rapids area, rated as the Top Area Computer Reseller by Grand Rapids Business Journal for 2004 and 2005. GPC sells more computers, CPUs, mother boards , cables and other parts than any one in Grand Rapids .

GPC’s business covers appropriately 5 areas:

  • Building and selling new systems;
  • Networking and repairing (in-store or on-site);
  • Selling components (everything you need to build a computer);
  • Mini-class training (2-hour, Mon – Sat);
  • Consignment programs (e-bay like in local).




Thanks Yili Bonarski for donating $100 to CAWM!
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